Hello! My name is Ashley Brown and I’m a metal artist.



     My name is Ashley Brown and I am a one of a kind car metal artist! Every piece of art I create is unique and 100 percent re-purposed from crashed cars. I've been making this type of art for five years now. Each piece is designed, drawn, then cut out of metal according to my customers’ requests. I create everything myself with my own hands out of car steel or aluminum, and in any color imaginable. The art I create is and has always been a passion of mine. I first recognized my love for art at an early age, but when I entered high school I knew that art was my passion and will be my future. During high school at Osceola Fundamental, I took every art class available and received many awards throughout my high school career. I am now in my fifth and final year at St. Petersburg College and have taken several art classes with plans on taking many more. My future plans include having my own studio where I can not only display my artwork, but incorporate art classes for children to provide an outlet to express themselves. I believe every person is different, unique, and creative! I hope to inspire many!

The artwork I make can take me anywhere between one week up to a month to create! With that being said, I prefer my art pieces to be on display inside your home/office. If you would like to hang my pieces outside they need to be under some sort of overhang (the metal is steel and will weather if placed directly outdoors). Thank you for your understanding and if you would like something specific for outdoors let me know and I can create it out of aluminum!

Get in touch with me today at 727-686-3836 or send an email to ash@abcollisioncreations.com and let us discuss how I can help you get the car metal art piece you've always wanted!